IATEFL 2015 – Can you escape (from the LTSIG PCE showcase)?

AT IATEFL 2015, I led a short playthrough session at the LTSIG PCE on the app "Can you Escape?" In this repost, I review the session and my ideas for using the app with language learners.


IATEFL 2015 – Getting Gamification Beyond the Basics

At IATEFL 2015, I saw two talks on gamification (one live and one via IATEFL Online). This post reviews both talks and considers the best way to adapt the idea of gamification to an ELT setting.

IATEFL 2014 – Gamified Language Educational E-tivities (Karenne Sylvester)

This post from the archives is a review of Karenne Sylvester's talk from IATEFL 2014 on how to approach gamification in the most effective way.

IATEFL 2014 – Teaching English via Computer Games (Mykhailo Noshchenko)

A return to the ELT Sandbox archives with my review of a talk by Mykhailo Noshchenko about using Skyrim with EAP students. This post originally appeared at http://eltsandbox.weebly.com/1/post/2014/04/iatefl-2014-teaching-english-via-computer-games-mykhailo-noshchenko.html in April 2014.

Play Mobile – Digital Game-based Learning with Handheld Devices

Originally written for TESOL France Teaching Times in 2015, this article explores reasons and ideas for using mobile games in the language classroom.

Why do we even need to talk about violence in #Minecraft?

A repost from March, 2015 when news broke that Turkey was considering a ban on Minecraft. Though it never came about, the episode revealed a lot about the misconceptions people have about video games. This post originally appeared at: http://eltsandbox.weebly.com/blog/why-do-we-even-need-to-talk-about-violence-in-minecraft

You won’t believe this mindbogglingly simple idea for using #PokémonGo with #ESL learners!!!

Pokemon Go was all the rage a few months ago. This repost looks at the best way I think it can be used with students - you might be surprised! This post originally appeared at http://eltsandbox.weebly.com/blog/you-wont-believe-this-mindbogglingly-simple-idea-for-using-pokemon-go-with-esl-learners in August, 2016.

Changing Perspectives – Different directions for games in ELT

My thoughts on GBL have changed over the last year and this post reflects on some of the interactions with other educators that have prompted reflection on my part. This post originally appeared at http://eltsandbox.weebly.com/blog/changing-perspectives-different-directions-for-games-in-elt in July, 2016.

Defining Differences: Game-based Learning v. Gamification

Defining two often confused terms - game based learning and gamification and how they can be used in the classroom. This post originally appeared at http://eltsandbox.weebly.com/blog/gaming-glossary-game-based-learning-v-gamification in March, 2013.

Storycraft: Using the world of #Minecraft as inspiration for writing

A look at how Minecraft inspired reluctant ESL writers to produce an extended story. This post originally appeared on eltsandbox.weebly.com in April, 2014.