My First Day in #Minecraft

It didn’t end well…

I had sought advice from my learners (as outlined in yesterday’s Minecraft lesson plan) and even played under their guidance in our after school club but this would be my first time playing under my own guidance. I still had a lot to learn.

I set my gameworld up – survival, normal difficulty, generate structures: on, world type: default, and cheats off. As the world loaded I recalled all the things my students had told me – look for trees and water, collect wood and build a shelter, find food, hope you don’t spawn on a small island in the middle of the sea.

I didn’t spawn on an island… but I wasn’t near a forest either. There was just grassland. Had I selected a flat world by mistake? But, wait – in the distance I could see some buildings. A village!

I immediately started exploring the buildings and I was happy to find chests, lots of chests. I found food, a chest plate, and even an iron sword. The villagers had planted crops and I harvested the potatoes and beetroot. The villagers just watched me (of course!)

The only problem was Slime, which kept attacking me while I was harvesting crops. I killed them with my sword but took a few hits and lost my chest plate as well.

Then I noticed it was getting dark. I had found lots of items in the village but it was not enough to survive for the night. I went into the nearest building and closed the door. There was a villager in there too – the butcher! We stood there and waited for night to end.

The noises started – groans and moans getting louder and louder. I saw zombies walk past the window with Slimes bouncing beside them. Oh no! Two zombies saw us! They came to the butcher’s door swinging their arms and making their terrible noise. Two more zombies joined them and banging at the door.

But we were safe inside – we just had to wait inside for dawn.

Dawn came and… with the sky still pink, the butcher went and opened the door! Why?!? He was dead in seconds. There was another door behind me and I ran for it – I couldn’t fight four zombies alone.

Outside, I found a fence. There was no gate! I pushed past the zombies and ran out of the front door. As they followed me, they started to burn in the new day’s light.

There was not enough time for me to escape. A running ball of zombie fire caught me and the screen went red. Game over!

When I respawned, I went back to the village to harvest some more crops but then I went in search of a place to survive by myself and found a small forest near a river.That was when my time in Minecraft really began.

At least I had made it through the night… just!

Quick Lesson Idea

Share your story of your first day in Minecraft with your students. Adapt it to their level (mine was written for a B1/B2 group that had been working on narrative tenses in class) and either tell them the story or give it to them as a reading text. Then, ask them to think back to their own first day in Minecraft and write it up. Encourage them to share their stories with each other and reflect on what they would do differently now.

Join the EVO 2017 Minecraft MOOC

Are you ready for your first day in Minecraft? Or have you played before but are wodnering how to bring it into your classroom? Then join the Minecraft MOOC at EVO – it’s starting this week!


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